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"Rea is for real! A couple of months later and I'm about to start my new career."
Meleseini Leha
Rea Graduate | Deloitte
"Rea is for real! A couple of months later and I'm about to start my new career."
Meleseini Leha
Rea Graduate

Learner Experience

Rea is for real

“Rea is for real! A couple of months later and I’m about to start my new career.”

“The biggest change has been my mindset. I feel empowered in my career & my life.”

“What makes Rea special is the coaching & delivering real projects.”

Your pathway to a new career

Unlock a guaranteed career in tech

Business Analyst

Work with people & broad range of technology to solve problems for some of New Zealand’s leading organisations. 

ServiceNow Consultant

Use a leading edge global technology platform to help organisations deliver world-class services to their customers.

Salesforce Consultant

Join one of the world’s fastest growing technology ecosystems and help organisations grow their impact & delight customers.

Software Testing

Use technology & you powers of problem-solving to develop high-quality software. Find the bugs & issues before customers do. 

Find out whether Rea's for you

Learn more about our programme or discover your tech persona. Are you a Builder, Architect, Creative, Explorer…

Learn the skills you need

Shortcut university without cutting any corners

Rea has created an unrivalled path to a rewarding career in technology. In just six months, learners grow the skills – both technical and cultural – to thrive at work and in life. Rea’s world-class remote learning environment combined with a network of in-person study gives learners the support they need to succeed. Rea provides flexible payment options and the ability to earn whilst you study. Rea is the better path to your brighter future
Technical training (Hrs)
Soft skills training (Hrs)
Total cost
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Payment options
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Dedicated tutor
Dedicated coach
Job guarantee*
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Stand out from the crowd with amazing skills

Explore our rich real-world curriculum

Soft Skills are Life Skills. Our curriculum teaches you about YOU. The aspects of your psychology, performance, communication, teamwork and leadership that matter. With culture and inclusion at the core of learning at Rea, your soft skills will flourish. Live, practical group sessions offer all learners the technical skills pathways and interactive experience of working in the world of tech. The social networks and confidence you build with Rea are key to the ongoing success you deserve.

Technical Foundations

Solve problems with a range of technology platforms

Key Areas Of Focus

Administration, Business Processes, Application Development, User Experience, Handling Data, Web Technologies, Quality Testing

Soft & Cultural Skills

Unlock your raw potential & learn what it means to lead at work & in life.

Key Areas Of Focus

Leading Self, Tikanga, Cultural Empathy, Stress Management, Energy Management, Working With Others, Communication, Focus & Motivation, Resilience, Meeting Management, Ownership 

Project Skills

Learn how to work in a modern work environment & be job ready.

Key Areas Of Focus

Agile Delivery, Design Thinking, Planning & Strategy, Presentation Skills, Getting Things Done, Working With Clients & Customers

Hope is not a strategy

Unlock our job guarantee

Rea Guarantee

Once you meet our performance requirements and graduate, we will find you a job within six months.

If we don’t, you only pay 50% of your fees.

Our programme is designed so that almost anyone who meets our minimum entry requirements & follows the steps we prescribe will unlock our job guarantee.

Rea invests in you

Learn about our fee options

Rea is 21st century education, backed by industry and employers who guarantee jobs. Your future employer pays two-thirds of your tuition fees when you are hired. Learners have three simple options for paying the rest. Where available, we work with governments and other funds to subsidise fees. 

Pay All Fees Upfront

Income Dependent Loan


We’re grateful to our funding partners Uptempo and Youth Economy for providing their support. 

Social impact is behind everything we do

Your fees pay it forward to others

Our goal is to increase the median income for Maori, Pasifika and other under-represented peoples by at least 20% by 2050. One in four learners receive a full scholarship* – and pay zero fees – when participating in Rea’s programmes.

We make success possible

What makes Rea different

We’re a little different from the rest. Rea is redefining careers & how companies find & develop talent.

Where possible, we work with governments to secure funding. In-order for us to provide the kind of industry-backed education we do, we have to step outside of the traditional model. Unfortunately, this also means we step outside the traditional funding models offered by government.

Learners must pass the following requirements to be eligible for the Rea Job Guarantee:

  • 80%+ attendance although 100% attendance is expected
  • Emerging Proficiency or higher in Professional & Technical Skills 
  • 70% Net Collaboration Score

These can be met easily by all learners providing participation is full & complete.

Learners must meet at least one of the following requirements to be accepted into a Rea programme: 

  • NCEA Level 2 English & Maths
  • Pass Rea’s entry assessment

If you are concerned you may not meet these requirements, please contact Rea & we will work with you to create a pathway forward.

Every question is a great question

Get your questions answered

Join Rea’s career community, attend events, take on a challenge & participate in a discussion. We reward you for every positive action you take helping us build a vibrant & supportive community. 

Wondering whether Rea is right for you?

Interested in tech? Find the path for you

About Rea

Find out who we are, why we started & how we’re supercharging the talent ecosystem & lives around the world.


Drop us a line if you are a learner, employer, investor, mum or dad or just want to give us a high-five. Let’s talk.

More than an education

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Re-write your future in 6-months & unlock a job in tech paying $60k+ 

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