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Want to start a new career in tech, but don’t know where to begin? Rea is the fastest way to gain career advice, skills training, confidence, and a job in tech. All in one.

Learner Experience

Rea is for real

“Rea is for real! A couple of months later and I’m about to start my new career.”

“The biggest change has been my mindset. I feel empowered in my career & my life.”

“What makes Rea special is the coaching & delivering real projects.”

Stand out from the crowd with amazing skills

Explore our rich real-world curriculum

Soft Skills are Life Skills. Our curriculum teaches you about YOU. The aspects of your psychology, performance, communication, teamwork and leadership that matter. With culture and inclusion at the core of learning at Rea, your soft skills will flourish. Live, practical group sessions offer all learners the technical skills pathways and interactive experience of working in the world of tech. The social networks and confidence you build with Rea are key to the ongoing success you deserve.

Technical Foundations

Solve problems with a range of technology platforms

Key Areas Of Focus

Administration, Business Processes, Application Development, User Experience, Handling Data, Web Technologies, Quality Testing

Soft & Cultural Skills

Unlock your raw potential & learn what it means to lead at work & in life.

Key Areas Of Focus

Leading Self, Tikanga, Cultural Empathy, Stress Management, Energy Management, Working With Others, Communication, Focus & Motivation, Resilience, Meeting Management, OwnershipΒ 

Project Skills

Learn how to work in a modern work environment & be job ready.

Key Areas Of Focus

Agile Delivery, Design Thinking, Planning & Strategy, Presentation Skills, Getting Things Done, Working With Clients & Customers

Your pathway to a new career

Unlock a career in tech

We prepare all of our learners to be ready for the tech industry by getting the foundations right first. In addition to the core/soft skills in our programme, all graduates learn to be business analysts, gain a structured technologist mindset, and acquire a selection of practical technical skills across one of a number of platforms including Microsoft PowerPlatform, Microsoft Dynamics, and ServiceNow. Your specialism may be tailored further if you have a specific passion that we can accommodate, and connect you with a suitable job for. There are many different jobs that we can launch you into. Here are a few:

Business Analyst

Work with people & broad range of technology to solve problems for some of New Zealand’s leading organisations.Β 

ServiceNow Consultant

Use a leading edge global technology platform to help organisations deliver world-class services to their customers.

Microsoft Consultant

Join one of the world’s fastest growing technology ecosystems and help organisations grow their impact & delight customers.

Software Testing

Use technology & your powers of problem-solving to develop high-quality software. Find the bugs & issues before customers do. 

Find out whether Rea's for you

Learn more about our programme or discover your tech persona. Are you a Builder, Architect, Creative, Explorer…

Every question is a great question

Get your questions answered

Join Rea’s career community, attend events, take on a challenge & participate in a discussion. We reward you for every positive action you take helping us build a vibrant & supportive community.Β 

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About Rea

Find out who we are, why we started & how we’re supercharging the talent ecosystem & lives around the world.


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Re-write your future in 6-months & unlock a job in tech paying $60k+ 

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