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Reliable and autonomous, providing in-depth expertise in critical areas. Architects create clarity & direction for others & enjoy directing the action. Potential problem areas for this type include getting caught up in details, micro-managing and moving ahead without getting buy-in from the team. This profile is both detail-oriented and independent.

Cultural strengths & weaknesses

Note: these are only possible traits. Everyone is unique & behaviour can change over time or through coaching.

Profile overview

Power & control matter
Control & outcomes
Create a successful products & deliver outcomes
Chaos, being overthrown
Exercise power & control
Being authoritarian, unable to delegate
Responsibility, leadership

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Career path

Based on your profile, here is a suggested career development path you could follow.

Annual Salary: $50k-$85k
Platform Administration
Implement & manage platform implementations like Salesforce, Google Workspaces & Microsoft Dynamics.
Annual Salary: $50k-$85k
Annual Salary: $63k-$85k
Junior App Builder
Build web & mobile apps using low-code tools.
Annual Salary: $63k-$85k
Annual Salary: $50k-$80k
Junior Platform Developer
Start learning the coding basics & build more complex software applications
Annual Salary: $50k-$80k
Annual Salary: $85k-$150k+
Cloud Engineer/Dev Ops
Set-up & manage the systems developers use to build web & mobile applications on. Be at the centre of the technology industry.
Annual Salary: $85k-$150k+
Annual Salary: $65k-$150k+
Data Scientist
Use machine learning & artificial intelligence to discover unique insights.
Annual Salary: $65k-$150k+
Annual Salary: $65k-$150k+
Product Manager
Lead a team of developers & creators to solve problems for customers. Drive the direction, think creatively & deliver results.
Annual Salary: $65k-$150k+
Annual Salary: $85k-$175k+
Design software & apps from the ground up. Take full control of how a system works & integrates with the world around it.
Annual Salary: $85k-$175k+

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