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Kia ora! My name is Nathan Bryant-Taukiri, Chief Executive / Toihau at Rea.

Growing up in Ōtautahi/Christchurch, like so many Māori, I was not brought up in an environment where my Māori lineage was encouraged. My father and his siblings had no connection with Te Ao Māori, so that legacy continued. I learned to lean into the success system that did exist – one defined by Pākehā values and measures. Until recently though, this has been at the expense of my Taha Māori, my true identity. Thankfully all of that has changed for the good.

Through Rea, my mission is to enable all rangatahi to access pathways that are enriched with the best of both worlds – to be daily practitioners of the wisdom and beauty of Te Ao Māori, while being adept at thriving in a rapidly changing, technology-centric world. To be the best version of themselves; proud of who they are and where they come from. Rea achieves this in the fastest way possible, equipping rangatahi to be masters of their present and future, setting them on a well-paid path with unlimited options.

To me the whakatauki written by Sir Apirana Ngāta in 1949 still captures the right future well:

E tipu e rea mo ngā rā o tō ao

Ko tō ringa ki ngā rākau ā te Pākehā Hei ara mō tō tinana

Ko tō ngākau ki ngā tāonga a ō tīpuna Māori

Hei tikitiki mō tō māhuna

Ko tō wairua ki tō Atua, Nānā nei ngā mea katoa

Grow up and thrive for the days destined to you.

Your hands to the tools of the Pākehā to provide physical sustenance,

Your heart to the treasures of your Māori ancestors as a diadem for your brow,

Your soul to your God, to whom all things belong.

We look forward to being the kaitiaki of a prosperous new path for your tamariki.

Ngāa manaakitanga,

Nathan Bryant-Taukiri

Chief Executive / Toihau

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Together we can

Why you can trust Rea

Values driven

Rea is a Maori business & we incorporate Tikanga (Maori values & principles) through everything we do. 

World-class quality

We have assembled a world-class team of industry experts & coaches who have supported thousands to thrive.

Job guarantee

There is such demand for the skills we are teaching we offer a job guarantee, limiting the risk to starting.

You only pay 50% of your fees if you are not hired within 7 months of graduating.*

*Terms & Conditions Apply

Help us re-write the future 

There is a place in tech for everyone

Did you know 50% of people surveyed thought tech wasn’t something open to them. We’re here to tell you there is a role in tech for everyone and it’s our mission to connect those who want to re-write their future with a meaningful, well-paid role in tech. Whether someone loves solving problems, helping people, creating, designing, organising or building, Rea will help them find their path. 

We teach the skills needed to succeed

Shortcut university without cutting any corners

Rea offers an unrivalled path to a rewarding career in tech. In 7 months, we teach the technical skills needed to unlock a guaranteed job in tech & the soft skills to thrive at work and in life. Our world-class remote learning environment combined with a growing network of in-person study locations gives everyone the flexibility they need to make returning to study easy. We make choosing to study even easier by providing options to earn whilst studying & only charging a study fee once a graduate finds a job paying $55k+.

We challenge you to find a better path to re-write the future.

Technical training (Hrs)
Soft skills training (Hrs)
Total cost
Scholarships available
Payment options
Dedicated tutor
Dedicated coach
Job guarantee*
Guaranteed cadetship*
Real-world projects
Paid cadetship
On-the-job support

Part-Time Study. Guaranteed $50k-$60k+ Job*

Accelerated Pathway Programme

7-month pathway to a guaranteed $50k-$60k+ job in tech. Rewrite your future with a flexible programme of study, no tuition fees upfront & the ability to earn while you learn.

*Terms & Conditions Apply

Rea invests in you

Learn about our fee options

Rea is a new type of education that is backed by industry & by the employers who guarantee jobs. Your future employer pays 50% of your tuition fees when you are hired & you have 3-options for paying the rest. Where available, we work with governments & other funders to subsidise fees too.

Income Dependent Loan


Pay All Fees Upfront

Hope is not a strategy

Unlock our job guarantee

There is such demand for talent in the tech industry that we guarantee jobs to all our graduates who meet our performance requirements.

Rea Guarantee

Once you meet our performance requirements and graduate, we will find you a job within six months.

If we don’t, or only pay 50% of your fees.

Our programme is designed so that almost anyone who meets our minimum entry requirements & follows the steps we prescribe will unlock our job guarantee.

More than an education

Ready to re-write your future?

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Re-write your future in 6-months & unlock a guaranteed job in tech paying $60k+. 

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Re-write your future in 6-months & unlock a job in tech paying $60k+ 

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