First Step To Financial Security

$3.5K course with full scholarship, available to Māori aged 15-24 💯🔥

Only 30 scholarships available. Starting 13th May.

Ignite by Rea, teaching you skills to unlock a better future 🌟🚀

Join from anywhere! 100% online with an in-person option available.

“Rea has helped me build my self confidence and has allowed me to visualise how much potential I have to be successful.”

  Stephen Su’a

“I was someone who didn’t have much confidence and finding that through Rea has been huge, I didn’t realise it was there!”

   Sandra Currucan

Kia ora! 🎉

Ignite is all about mixing the pride of your Māori heritage with the cool stuff you can do with digital tech & business.

  • Ignite is for everyone, no matter where you come from. 
  • It’s a special mix that keeps you true to your roots while gearing you for future work.
  • It sets you up to make smart moves for your career and money in the long run.

If this sounds choice, Ignite is for you! 🚀

What is Ignite?

It’s an 8-week adventure that shows you how capable you really are and builds your confidence along the way.

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Why do Ignite?

  • Chill Learning Space: Fits your life perfectly, only needing a few hours of your week to make huge gains.
  • Cool Peeps: You’ll meet others just like you, all on their journey together to a bright future.
  • Real Talk: It’s more than just digital & business skills; it’s about finding your strength and owning your story.

“They make you feel important. Rea really cares about you, they go beyond the call of duty to do what they say they will do.”

  River Featherstone

The Ignite Experience 🎢

Real-world projects that make learning fun and relevant. Tap into the power of coaching. Build a plan for what next.

Week 1-2

Onboarding, team vibes and goal setting.

Week 3-5

Dive into project planning, web & graphic design, time management and marketing.

Week 6-8

Learn long-term planning, future digital skills like AI, and how to present ideas.

Graduation & Ongoing Support

Plan your next epic adventure & tap into 1:1 coaching for another 10 months.

Skills You'll Gain 🛠️

  • Mindset Skills: Self-awareness, crush doubts, and own your future.
  • Digital/Business Skills: Project planning, graphic design, website development, and data analysis.

Benefits of Ignite 🎁

  • Job-Ready: Every job of the future will require some digital savvy. Standout from the crowd.
  • Community: Meet awesome people; find your tribe.
  • Future-Ready: Learn skills that set you up for a better future.
  • Clarity: Get clear on what you’re doing next.
  • Study-Ready: Get prepped for further study.

“It was great to learn more about mindset and how to deal with limited beliefs. I learnt about embracing progress over perfection.”

   Austin Dinh

Rea is Awesome 😎

“I loved how much support there is emotionally for people. Often times people will neglect their mental health and forget about it. It’s important that the coaches keep everyone above the line so that we can show up more productive.”

   Joseph Bourne

“Rea prepared me surprisingly well I’d say. The design thinking and process mapping and those skills that I learnt translated directly into the Business Analyst job I’m working in now.”

   Aaron Krishan

“Rea has taken me from lacking the confidence to do a standard full time job to doing my dream job through providing coaching and opportunities for growth.”

   Robin Hughes

What's the commitment? 😎


8 weeks
100% Scholarship For Māori
  • 5-7 hours total per week
  • Virtual / In-person Meeting: 2 hrs per week
  • 1:1 Coaching: 30mins per week


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Re-write your future in 6-months & unlock a guaranteed job in tech paying $60k+. 

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I thought you might find this interesting.

Re-write your future in 6-months & unlock a job in tech paying $60k+ 

Check out https://rea.coach/launch

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