Our Impact Story

While Rea is an educator, an organisation, and a path to work facilitator, above all else we are an impact enterprise.


What is an impact enterprise?

Sometimes know as a social enterprise, this kind of organisation is set up with the intent of creating impact in the world. In our case that is social impact- helping people to realise a better future through skilled work. Rea is a for-profit business that has a sustainable model to make sure our impact os here to stay and with sufficient resources to grow, not just in Aotearoa, but around the world. Our founders are purpose driven, and are motivated to help as many people as possible to realise their potential. This is why they started the change movement that is Rea.


Priority Communities

Rea is for everyone, and our values drive us to try and ensure that everyone belongs, is included, and that no one gets left behind! To focus our impact we measure our success based upon how many people from particular. communities in need are able to realise the benefit of our programme. There are many of these ‘priority communities’ and over time we hope to help uplift them all. For now we have a focused interest in leaners who are Mฤori or Pasifika and aim for 50-60% of our cohorts to be people from these communities .

Our Scholarships

To help make this possible we have fully paid scholarships available for anyone who has Mฤori or Pacific Island whakapapa /  genealogy. If you or someone you know if from one of these communities and is interested in the life changing opportunity that Rea helps create, get an application in and let’s talk – we’d love to help you, or them, to thrive! These scholarships extend where needed to provide support additional to the core programme, around wellbeing, habit forming and adult learning.

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Re-write your future in 6-months & unlock a guaranteed job in tech paying $60k+. 

Rea is a New Zealand-based education company that gives everyone a chance to learn skills & unlock a job in tech.

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Re-write your future in 6-months & unlock a job in tech paying $60k+ 

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