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Go beyond CV & interview prep and master the skills top-employers demand from job candidates in New Zealand.

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“Rea has helped me build my self confidence and has allowed me to visualise how much potential I have to be successful.”

  Stephen Su’a

“I was someone who didn’t have much confidence and finding that through Rea has been huge, I didn’t realise it was there!”

   Sandra Currucan

Kia ora! 🎉

With WorkReadyNZ you'll learn the skills that will make you an unforgettable candidate & set you up for career success in New Zealand.

WorkReadyNZ is an immersive programme combining live virtual classes, self-directed learning, professional coaching, practical exercises, and the innovative Skill Lab. Participants will develop soft skills, gain insights into Kiwi workplace expectations, and build a strong professional network, bridging the gap between international experiences and local workplace demands.

If this sounds choice, WrokReadyNZ is for you! 🚀

Course Includes

Who is this course for

“They make you feel important. Rea really cares about you, tehy go beyond the call of duty to do what they say they will do.”

  River Featherstone

What you'll get out of this course

Master the Essentials of Kiwi Workplace Culture

Navigate the unique aspects of New Zealand’s workplace culture. Learn to communicate effectively, understand workplace norms, and meet employer expectations.

Confidently Launch Your NZ Career in 8 Weeks

In just eight weeks, gain the skills and confidence to secure meaningful employment. Develop a professional CV, excel in interviews, and build a strong network.

Experience the Power of Community

Get the support you need to succeed. Engage with peers, mentors, and industry professionals in a supportive community. This network will accelerate your learning and career growth.

WorkReadyNZ Schedule 🎢

Go beyond knowledge and acquire the skills through live group coaching, 1:1 coaching, self-directed learning and small group, top employers demand from top job candidates.

Before you start, we set the foundation for success.
🏗️ Course structure & essential technologies
🤝 Online 'speed networking'
📊 Self-assessment survey & goal-setting workshop
📚 First learning journal entry
Week 1
Setting the Scene in the Kiwi Workplace
Understand New Zealand's unique work culture.
🌐 Research Kiwi workplace culture
📄 Analyse job advertisements
💪 Complete strength’s finder
📚 Live virtual class on Kiwi workplace culture
Week 1
Week 2
Unlocking Performance & Accountability Framework
Master continuous performance and being the employee manager's love to manage.
📋 Learn about the accountability framework
🔍 Research performance management processes
📝 Create 1:1 meeting templates
🎭 Role-play 1:1 meetings with Rea.AI
🗣️ 1:1 Professional coaching session
Week 2
Week 3
Effective Communication in the Kiwi Context
Time to master professional communication skills in the Kiwi context.
🗣️ Analyse email exchanges and documents
💬 Draft professional documents with Rea.AI
🏫 Live workshop on communication styles
🗒️ Create a 'Communication Cheat Sheet'
Week 3
Week 4
Team & Professional Relationship Dynamics
Build resilience, emotional intelligence, and assertive communication.
🌐 Review articles on team dynamics and conflict resolution
🛠️ Develop a Conflict Resolution Toolkit
📚 Live virtual class on team dynamics and conflict resolution
👂 Active listening exercises
🧠 Emotional intelligence self-assessment
🎭 Role-playing with Rea.AI
Week 4
Week 5
Developing a Commercial Mindset, Taking Initiative & Presentation Skills
Adding value in the workplace by taking initiative and presenting confidently.
📈 Informational interview on commercial thinking
🏫 Live class on commercial mindset and initiative
💡 Virtual 'innovation challenge'
📄 Analyse successful business initiatives
📅 Develop a personal project plan using Business Canvas
Week 5
Week 6
Crafting Your New Zealand CV and Personal Brand
Presenting your best self to Kiwi employers.
📝 Analyse sample CVs and cover letters
🏫 Live class on CV writing and personal branding
💡 Personal branding workshop
📝 Create/update CV and cover letter
Week 6
Week 7
Networking and Relationship Building in New Zealand
Cultivating professional connections.
🗣️ Craft and deliver 'elevator pitch'
🌐 LinkedIn makeover session
🏫 Live networking workshop
🤝 Virtual industry mixer event
📅 Develop personal networking plan
Week 7
Week 8
Mastering Interview Techniques for New Zealand Employers
Confidently showcase your skills and cultural fit.
🗣️ Live class on NZ interview techniques
🛠️ Workshop on behavioural interview questions (STAR method)
📝 Develop interview preparation toolkit
🎭 Role-play interviews with Rea.AI
🎥 Record and review interview responses
Week 8
Career Strategy Development and Post-Course Support
Launch your New Zealand career journey.
📅 One-on-one mentoring session
📈 Receive course performance report
🌐 Join WorkReadyNZ alumni network
📝 Create post-course learning plan

Rea is Awesome 😎

“I loved how much support there is emotionally for people. Often times people will neglect their mental health and forget about it. It’s important that the coaches keep everyone above the line so that we can show up more productive.”

   Joseph Bourne

“It was great to learn more about mindset and how to deal with limited beliefs. I learnt about embracing progress over perfection.”

   Austin Dinh

“Rea has taken me from lacking the confidence to do a standard full time job to doing my dream job through providing coaching and opportunities for growth.”

   Robin Hughes

Meet your Instructors 🚀

Tim Hatherley-Greene

Founder of Rea, Tim has extensive experience in technology, education, training, and leadership. With a deep understanding of New Zealand's work culture, Tim has helped hundreds of Rea graduates transition successfully into the Kiwi workplace.

Coming from a diverse professional background, Tim excels at bridging international experiences with local expectations. His expertise ensures that learners gain the confidence and skills needed to thrive in New Zealand.

Nathan Bryant-Taukiri

Nathan Bryant-Taukiri brings over 20 years of experience in technology recruitment with Potentia, along with a robust background in leadership, business management, and technology. As a co-founder of Rea, Nathan has been instrumental in designing programmes to help migrants and international students succeed in New Zealand.

Nathan's extensive experience in project management and business development, coupled with his deep understanding of the technology sector, makes him an invaluable mentor for newcomers.

WorkReadyNZ Add-ons 🚀

Coaching Sessions

4 x 30 minutes
$700 One-Off
  • Professional Coaching
  • CV & Interview Prep
  • Communication & Strategy

Join an upcoming cohort

Join WorkReadyNZ 🇳🇿

Intake Size

20 People

Start Dates

5th August 2024

2nd September 2024

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20% Upfront + 6 weekly payments of NZ$327.50

Skills You'll Gain 🛠️

  • Professional Skills: Culturally-aware communication, accountability, winning team dynamics & securing continuous career growth.
  • Mindset Skills: Self-awareness, strengths-awareness, crush doubts, and own your future.
  • Job Application Skills: Personal branding, CV & interview mastery & expanded network.

Benefits of WorkReadyNZ 🎁

  • Clarity: Get clear on what you’re doing next.
  • Study-Ready: Get prepped for further study.
  • Job-Ready: Every job of the future will require some digital savvy. Standout from the crowd.
  • Community: Meet awesome people; find your tribe.
  • Future-Ready: Learn skills that set you up for a better future.

“It was great to learn more about mindset and how to deal with limited beliefs. I learnt about embracing progress over perfection.”

   Austin Dinh


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