Part-Time Study. Guaranteed $60k+ Job*

Accelerated Pathway Programme

6-month pathway to a guaranteed $60k+ job in tech. Rewrite your future with a flexible programme of study, no tuition fees upfront & the ability to earn while you learn.

*Terms & Conditions Apply

Rewrite your future in 6 months

Programme overview


14 weeks
Learn skills & get work ready
  • Part Time
  • Virtual / Online
  • Lessons: 7pm-9pm Monday-Thursday
  • Labs: 8.30am-1pm Saturday


12 weeks
Paid on-the-job training
  • Full Time
  • Living Wage: $22.50 / hr
  • On location in Auckland or Christchurch
  • Lessons: 7pm-9pm Tuesday & Thursday
  • Labs: 8.30am-1pm Saturday


$60k+ job in tech
  • Full Time
  • Wage: $33.25+ / hr
  • On location in Auckland or Christchurch
  • Masterclasses: Fortnightly
  • Support for first 90 days

100,000s new jobs in New Zealand & Australia by 2025

Why start a career in tech?

Rea certified tech professionals will join one of the fastest growing technology communities in the world. Millions of jobs are waiting with major brands – in New Zealand, Australia and worldwide – for people with the skills in design, configuration and solution-building. Earning in excess of $60k, to $150K and beyond is a reality, as is the opportunity to make a positive impact. You don’t need to be technical to join us! All it takes is commitment and readiness to learn. Rea is here to help you re-write your future – apply today!

Ready to go?

Upcoming start dates

24th Jan 2022
Apply by: 10th Jan 2022
Enrol by: 17th Jan 2021
26 weeks
14 weeks study + 12 weeks paid cadetship
18th April 2022
Apply by: 4th Apr 2022
Enrol by: 11th Apr 2022
26 weeks
14 weeks study + 12 weeks paid cadetship

We focus on soft skills & technical skills

Our curriculum

Soft Skills are Life Skills. Our curriculum teaches you about YOU. The aspects of your psychology, performance, communication, teamwork and leadership that matter. With culture and inclusion at the core of learning at Rea, your soft skills will flourish. Live, practical group sessions offer all learners the technical skills pathways and interactive experience of working in the world of tech. The social networks and confidence you build with Rea are key to the ongoing success you deserve.

Before Day 1
Before Programme Starts
Every learner must attend complete their enrolment & pre-programme activities.
Before Day 1
Weeks 1-6
Soft Skills & Business Foundations
Learning styles, energy management, focus & building a success plan.

Learn how organisations work & get things done. Dive into design thinking, agile & problem-solving.
Weeks 1-6
Weeks 6-14
Business Analysis & Platform Development
Learn how to think creatively & solve problems in a systematic way.

Learn the technical skills you need to be work-ready for your cadetship. Build apps, dive into data & master how to configure technology to solve problems.
Weeks 6-14
Weeks 12-14
Preparing For Work
Interview with future employers & find a match for your cadetship.

Get the interview & match-making support you need to confidently say yes.
Weeks 12-14
Weeks 14-26
Apply your new skills to a real-life project while still having all the support & help from your coaches & tutors.

Continue your structured learning, further mastering your technical, business & soft skills.
Weeks 14-26
First 90 Days
On-The-Job Support
Support is only a button click away for the first 90 days of your job. Attend masterclasses to further refine your skills.

We make sure you are set-up to succeed & you have all the support you might need.
First 90 Days

Rea Guarantee

Once you meet our performance requirements and graduate, we will find you a job within six months.

If we don’t, we will refund 50% of your fees.

Learn the skills you need

How Rea compares

Technical training (Hrs)
Soft skills training (Hrs)
Total cost
Scholarships available
Payment options
Cost if unemployed
Dedicated tutor
Dedicated coach
Job guarantee*
Guaranteed cadetship
Real-world projects
Earn & learn options
On-the-job support

Real-World Practitioners

Technical training

We work directly with certified training providers to deliver a unique blend of live training, self-directed exercises, hands-on learning and real-world projects. Combined with local expertise and mentors, Rea learners are taught to master the technical curriculum.

On-demand tutors, the Rea learning community and mentors will support you, alongside a bespoke curriculum designed for you to succeed.

Performance coaches

Soft skills training

Imagine a coach who always has your back? Knows when to push and when you simply need a helping hand? Rea’s performance coaches guide learners through a continuous conversation of what it means to live and work our best lives. 

Learners receive 200+ hrs of small-group coaching (25 people or fewer) throughout the programme. Our coaches help learners discover and leverage their strengths, transform habits and develop the foundations for fulfilment in their tech careers.

Rea Coach

“Not only has coaching changed the way I perform at work, it has given me a set of skills to unlock an even better life. Wow!”

A week in the life of

Programme schedule

The programme is delivered online. Learners must attend 98% of classes to qualify for Rea’s job guarantee. Although content and events change each week, here is an example of a typical week with Rea.

Monday: 7pm-9pm
Introduction To Design Thinking
Explore how design thinking is used to solve problems. Use design thinking to solve a community problem in a 60-minute design jam.
Tuesday: 7pm-9pm
Values Discovery
Understand what values are & why they are important. Identify what’s important to you& what you value most. Harness these in life & work.
Wednesday: 7pm-9pm
Understanding Organisations
What is an organisation, how do they function & where do things go wrong? Learn how to navigate & work inside an organisation so you thrive at work.
Thursday: 7pm-9pm
Life Audit
Explore the key areas that make up your life & identify what’s working & what’s not. Build a plan to close the gap.
Saturday: 8.30am-1pm
Design Lab
In small groups, use the design thinking process to identify a problem to solve, engage with the community, build a prototype as a solution, get feedback & pitch your idea.

Rea’s here to help

Programme support

Choosing to study or change careers can be challenging. That’s why we provide support as part of our programme plus some extra options for those who need it.

What’s included

Additional support

Low risk fees

Payment options

Rea is a 21st century education, backed by industry and employers who guarantee jobs. Your future employer pays two-thirds of your tuition fees when you are hired. Learners have three simple options for paying the rest. Where available, we work with governments and other funds to subsidise fees.

Income Share Agreement


Pay All Fees Upfront

Tech’s for everyone 

Entry requirements

This programmes is designed to be a pathway into technology & is accessible for most people. It is not without its challenges though. To succeed,  the following statements will be true for you:

Four simple steps 

Entry process

Register online. It’s fast, simple and lets us know you’re interested in finding out more. One of our career coaches will be in contact with you via chat to answer any questions you have. We’ll invite you to join one of our career events and join our careers community.

After this step, you will have a better idea of whether Rea is a good fit for you and understand more about what a career in tech is like.

Key information required at this step:

Note: we only use the information you provide us for the purpose of assessing your application. We also anonymise your data & use it in the future to improve how we support new applicants. 

Get all your questions answered in a fun, interactive “Ask Us Anything” event. Facilitated by the Rea coaching team, you’ll get a chance to experience our unique learning environment & meet other’s like you.

What to expect?

  • Meet Rea coaching team
  • Quick overview about Rea & common questions
  • Question & answer session; get all your questions answered
  • Direction on next steps; how to apply.

You complete your application online; it’s simple and easy to do. 

Part 1

You will fill in your personal information, tell us about your background and agree to our job guarantee conditions.

Part 2

We ask a number of questions about your mindset and motivation to succeed.

No previous work experience in tech or specific education is required to complete these assessments. They are quick, easy and fun.

The assessments ensure our programme is the right fit for you. If it’s not a good fit, we’ll give you feedback and options to get yourself ready or find the perfect fit.

We’ll process your assessment within 5 days of you completing it & let you know whether you are a good fit for the programme.

Your results are shared with you & you’ll receive a 30-minute coaching call with one of our coaches to walk you through your results. Everyone receives a coaching call, no matter whether you’re a good fit for the programme or not.

Note: we only use the information you provide us for the purpose of assessing your application. We also anonymise your data & use it in the future to improve how we support new applicants. 

If you are a good fit for the programme, you will need to sign your enrolment agreement to secure your place.

You can do this online & we encourage you to talk things over with friends, whanau & your Rea coach if you have any further questions.

You also need to choose a start date and select how you will pay your fees. 

If you choose to pay your fees in full or in instalments, we will send you an invoice that must. be paid before Orientation Day for your programme.

Key actions:

Got a question or any concerns?

Talk to one of our friendly coaches & we’ll be happy to answer them. The assessments are nothing to worry about. They are simply there to make sure you have the best chance of succeeding. 

Social impact drives us

Learn more about Rea

Thanks for your interest in joining Rea. Explore the resources below to discover how you can join the community & re-write your future.

Wondering whether Rea is right for you?

Chat with a Rea coach.

Your questions answered by the community

Our community has the answers.

Interested in tech? Find the path for you

Take our career quiz & find a match.

More than an education

Ready to re-write your future?

Start your career in tech!

Register your interest & one of our career coaches will be in touch in the next 24 hrs.

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Re-write your future in 6-months & unlock a job in tech paying $60k+ 

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