Rea’s Mission

Supercharge the career ecosystem so that people never worry about work again.

Haere mai

We're redefining careers

Rea is a digital platform that supercharges people around the world through education & connects them to well-paid, skilled employment. With a focus on creating talent for in-demand digital careers, Rea combines technical training with measurable soft skills development to ensure graduates are productive from day 1.

Rea is an inclusive ecosystem for all, boosting the mana of every individual while ensuring there is sufficient talent to fuel future innovation & growth around the world. Our impact goal is to help increase the median income for Maori, Pasifika & other disenfranchised peoples by at least 20% by 2050.

Rea’s approach

How we have impact

Right People

Individuals, whanau & community.

Right Destination

Guaranteed jobs & work-ready skills.

Waka Rea

Right Hard Skills

Learning in-demand technical skills.

Right Soft Skills

Learning in-demand soft skills.

Right Guidance

Receiving the right guidance to succeed.

Together we can

Why you can trust Rea

Values driven

Rea is a Maori business & we incorporate Tikanga (Maori values & principles) through everything we do.ย 

World-class quality

We have assembled a world-class team of industry experts & coaches who have supported thousands to thrive.

Job guarantee

There is such demand for the skills we are teaching we offer a job guarantee, limiting the risk to starting.

You pay nothing if you are not hired within 6 months of graduating.*

Kia ora

Meet our team

Nathan Bryant-Taukiri


Tim Hatherley-Greene


Trusted advisors

Teresa Pollard

Advisor - Partnerships

Abinesh Krishan

Advisor & Chairman

Stand out from the crowd with amazing skills

Explore our rich real-world curriculum

Soft skills or life skills are the foundation of our curriculum. Learn about yourself, how to master your psychology, manage stress, perform at your best, communicate clearly, work well with others & be a leader. We combine this with world-class technical skills pathways delivered in a live, practical & group-learning environment that mimics the real-world of work. By the time you graduate, you will have attended events, built an amazing network for friends & be so comfortable with what it takes to succeed.

Technical Foundations

Solve problems with a range of technology platforms

Key Areas Of Focus

Administration, Business Processes, Application Development, User Experience, Handling Data, Web Technologies, Quality Testing

Soft & Cultural Skills

Unlock your raw potential & learn what it means to lead at work & in life.

Key Areas Of Focus

Leading Self, Tikanga, Cultural Empathy, Stress Management, Energy Management, Working With Others, Communication, Focus & Motivation, Resilience, Meeting Management, Ownershipย 

Project Skills

Learn how to work in a modern work environment & be job ready.

Key Areas Of Focus

Agile Delivery, Design Thinking, Planning & Strategy, Presentation Skills, Getting Things Done, Working With Clients & Customers

More than an education

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Re-write your future in 6-months & unlock a guaranteed job in tech paying $60k+. 

Rea is a New Zealand-based education company that gives everyone a chance to learn skills & unlock a job in tech.

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Re-write your future in 6-months & unlock a job in tech paying $60k+ 

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