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Never worry about tech talent again

Rea develops early-stage talent that is technically competent & has the soft skills to thrive from day 1. Our industry-informed curriculum & scientifically backed soft skills training programme is unrivalled. With Rea, you reduce the risk & cost of hiring early-stage talent by as much as 90%. Meet your growth goals with confidence, increase diversity in your workforce & never worry about talent again.

Together we can

How to work with Rea

Provide jobs

Create a profile & keep us up-to-date on what talent you need & when.

Engage graduates & alumni

Rea has a continuous pipeline of job ready talent you can connect with, mentor & hire.

Provide internships

Get fully-managed interns to boost your team without the risk & management cost.

Tailored talent service

What ever your needs, reach out & connect with our team.

Talent unlike any other

Why hire talent from Rea

World-class technical skills

World-class technical training that delivers real-world tested skills. We cut no corners. Our reputation is built on the quality of our graduates & their ability to supercharge organisations.

Diverse talent

Our mission is to supercharge under-represented communities around the world to meet the growing demand for talent. We ensure you have access to talent that brings new perspectives & ideas, and you are ready to receive them.

Soft skills certified

Soft skills & mindset coaching transforms our graduates into truely remarkable employees. Our 20+ year research-based competency framework ensures each new hire has got what they need to succeed.

Designed with industry

Our curriculum is designed & updated with input from industry partners & hiring managers. Our real-time feedback system ensures we are always delivering what’s needed.

Job ready

Graduates complete hundreds of hours of real-world projects, simulations & internships. We ensure they know what it feels like to work in the environments are hired into. 

90 days on-the-job support

We reduce the risk & burden of onboarding our graduates by continuing to provide coaching & technical support for the first 90 days of employment.

Talent Guarantee

If you hire a Rea graduate & they aren’t a good fit after 90 days, we’ll work with them to find new path forward & find a better fit for you.

Talent unlike any other

What the market is saying

Ordinarily the cost of hiring, onboarding & training new talent sits at $50k-$100k. With Rea, we will save 90% of this cost & get access to incredible, diverse talent.
Jacob Taljaard
Partner - SLEEQ

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Re-write your future in 6-months & unlock a guaranteed job in tech paying $60k+. 

Rea is a New Zealand-based education company that gives everyone a chance to learn skills & unlock a job in tech.

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Re-write your future in 6-months & unlock a job in tech paying $60k+ 

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