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A cooperative problem-solver who is comfortable working in changing environments. Loves creating & exploring new ideas. Potential problem areas for this type include avoiding conflict and needing clear boundaries between group and independent work. This profile is both adaptable and collaborative.

Cultural strengths & weaknesses

Note: these are only possible traits. Everyone is unique & behaviour can change over time or through coaching.

Profile overview

If you can imagine it, it can be done
To create things of enduring value
To realise a vision
Mediocre vision or execution
Develop artistic control and skill
Create culture, express own vision
Perfectionism, bad solutions
Creativity and imagination

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Career path

Based on your profile, here is a suggested career development path you could follow.

Annual Salary: $50k-$85k
Platform Analyst: UI/UX
Create the visual "look & feel" of mobile apps, web apps & learn a system for solving any problem.
Annual Salary: $50k-$85k
Annual Salary: $63k-$85k
Business Analyst
Design how business gets done. Create processes that save time, money & risk.
Annual Salary: $63k-$85k
Annual Salary: $50k-$80k
Junior Platform Developer
Start learning the coding basics & build more complex software applications
Annual Salary: $50k-$80k
Annual Salary: $65k-$150k+
Full-stack Developer
Build software applications from scratch using modern web & mobile technologies.
Annual Salary: $65k-$150k+
Annual Salary: $65k-$150k+
Business Intelligence
Use data to discover unique insights about users, customers & how businesses work.
Annual Salary: $65k-$150k+
Annual Salary: $65k-$150k+
Product Manager
Lead a team of developers & creators to solve problems for customers. Drive the direction, think creatively & deliver results.
Annual Salary: $65k-$150k+
Annual Salary: $85k-$175k+
Design software & apps from the ground up. Take full control of how a system works & integrates with the world around it.
Annual Salary: $85k-$175k+

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